Recuperacion de datos Micro SD


Finally we have solutions to recover fully your data from your USB and other Flash devices. Our have purchased device to recover data from:

  • MicroSD
  • SecureDigital
  • UFD
  • MemoryStick
  • eMMC (can read chips via SD protocol)

Above devices where hard to recover before due to microscopic soldering dificulties. Data Recovery was possible but was time consiuming and required high skills and equimpment to solder to tracks and points located for example on the micro SD cards. This method was described last year on our BLOG.

2017 Data Recovery Revolutiuon in monolith

What is monolith? Monolith is a chip to store big amount of data in small devices such as Micro SD cards, USB devices, Key Fob USB used by all manufactures of flash cards: Kingston, SANDISK and many more.

New Device, New methods

  • Doesn’t  require skills of soldering to the technological pinouts,  saves time, reduces the risk of damaging monolith chip and data stored on it and makes monolith recovery process sucess rate higher then before.
  • New device called spider using 25 needles which can be connected to monolith chip without soldering.
  • GND and VCC higher connection stability.
  • The adapter is developed specifically for using with microscope.

Whats this means for our customers which need data recovery?

  • Faster Recovery process
  • Higher procentage of sucessfull recoveries

For those reasons in our lab in Santo Domingo we are able to recover your data faster and cheaper! We will reduce the prices on SD cards, USB flash memories and SSD drives.

Data Recovery Tool and Process

This tool is really a revolution in the process of recovery. Compare the old method with a new method and visualy it is talking itself. Most of our customers do not have technical expertise in data recovery but below picture its talking itself.


Data Recovery Recuperacion De Datos SD Santo Domingo

In the old method of extracting data directly from chip we had to spent many hours in our data recovery lab to solder microscopic wires to points located on the sd card, with new device there is no need to solder anymore. New method is using device called SPIDER.


With the Spider Board Adapter it is possible to:

  • Fine-tune the connectors on the software level
  • Save the previous pinout settings in a file to use in similar cases
  • Maintain constant 5V or control VCC (1.8 V-3.6 V) power supplies
  • Control the adapter power supply via software
  • Recover data from partially damaged/formatted/erased SD and MicroSD cards as a fully functional Card Adapter.

Process of data recovery using SPIDER

Firstly we need to get access to pins located on the monolith then connect SPIDER legs to specific pinout of the card. When connestion to all pins is sucessfull we have to conect 3.3 V power and ground. Last step of data recovery is to simulate main controller using specific data recovery hardware and software and logical analise of data. The process sound easy but in realty it require tools and training of logical analisis.

If you lost data and need data recovery service CONTACT US. We are located in Santo Domingo but we offer data recovery in the whole Island of Dominican Republic.