New Equipment In Data Recovery, what it means for our company and our customers?


  • We are able to access firmware on new models of all manufactures such as Seagate, Western Digital, New models on Samsung Hard Drives which are merged with Seagate Firmware Structure, Hitachi IBM, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Maxtor.


disco duro recuperacion de datos

pc3000 access to hard drives firmware and solving all problems like clicking, and LBA 0.


  • More Ports on the new card so we can solve more hard drives faster, we added new type of service Emergancy Service where many cases could be solved in less than 24 hours.
pc3000 seagate recuperacion de datos data recovery santo domingo

Data Recovery Possible From 4 hard drives at same time. 


  • Brend New Machines with faster processors and 16 Gb of RAM. The perecct equipment to Recover Data from any type of logical and phisical problems related to data los from any type of hard drives and RAID Array.