Preparing to Recover Data From Sd card in our lab in Santo Domingo in capital of Dominican Republic. These days we all use Micro Cards to store our Photos and Videos. in our Data Recovery Lab we recieve many of those jobs where they are just not functioning. if you plug it in to a MAC or Windows they are not going to be reckognized, sometimes they get hot and this is indication that they have failed in the structure of the PCB. We have equipment to recover data from most of those cards.


Our method of data recovery is quite complicated and require experiance and tools.

First what we need to remove the coat over the card which give access to tracks.

SD Card Micro, Data Recovery Recuperacion De Datos

      SD Card Micro 64 Gb for Data Recovery

data recovery santo domingo

Sd Micro data recovery

                                      SD card Micro Tracks blueprint

The next ster of getting the data out fron the card is to solder the wires directly from data recovery tool to the SD card, this require a lot of experiance and precision solder tools with microscopic parts.

sd card recuperacion de datos

                                                   Data Recovery tool to read the data directly from the memry chip. 


The last step is to transalte de data from raw dump ìmage of the card`to real data which we soo on our computers. This procedure require out custome made software which we developed in oour labolatory in Santo Domingo.

data recovery recuperacion de datos datos recuperados

                  Reconstruction of the data, Last step in data recovery process. 


Resume of the data recovery process

All Flash memory card are different it means that the tracks and setup of the card is diferent to all amnufactures and models. This make our job more hard to recover the data but we have experiance with most of the popular card on the market. We have experice with:

Transcend, Sandisk, Kingston, PNY, Panasonic, Lexar, Verbatim, Sony, Samsung

data recovery

If you have a problem with your card, you have delated your data or something else happened, contact us directly for free consultation. Our data recovery technician will give you estimated qoute how much cost a recovery.